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I Am Not A Racist, But ...

(by Jean-Pol Grandmont via Wikimedia Commons )  "I am not a racist, but ..." - this is the sentence many racists say whenever they attempt to appear less racist than they actually are. However, now I have found myself in a situation in which I had to say the same thing. As everyone knows, Italy has been at the centre of a recent wave of migration. According to statistics, in 2016 Italy received 91,000 requests for asylum , the majority of applicants being from Africa (55,000) and Asia (21,000). In 2017, there were 81,000 asylum requests, again mostly by people from Africa and Asia. Although the number of people arriving without a proper travel permit is small compared to the number of citizens, one can see many migrants in the big cities as well as increasingly in small towns. The problem with that is how to maintain law and order. Yesterday I was walking near the Roman forum, when a black guy came to me and greeted me: "Hey, my friend, how a